Top End® Excelerator™ Stock
Top End® Excelerator™ Stock

No more waiting to get our bestselling recreational handcycle! Our new and improved Invacare® Top End® Excelerator™ Stock Handcycle is the same great recreational handcycle as our custom model except that now it will be stocked and ready to ship right away so you don’t have to wait. The 2013 Excelerator will be stocked in 3 seat widths: 16, 18 or 20 inches and ready to ship in less than a week. Handcycling is a great way to have fun, get fit and stay active so you can enjoy life to the fullest. So get cranking!

Stable, manoeuvrable and easy to transfer into and out of, the Excelerator™ Stock Handcycle can go up to 15 mph. The smooth Shimano shifter lets you tackle hills or level terrain with equal ease. The 7-speed Shimano hub with reverse braking means your hands never have to leave the pedals. The tri-pin quad hand pedals are a popular option for those who have impaired hand function, and the mountain drive transmission option is great if you have low endurance or steep terrain to climb.

Totally adjustable, the Excelerator™ Stock Handcycle features a simple fore-aft sliding seat, uncomplicated adjustable footrest system and a straightforward crank height adjustment with a fully adjustable chain tension idler so there is no need to add or remove chain links. Standard safety features include: reflectors, full chain guard, footrest safety straps, safety flag, cushion and seat restraint.

If you want to wait, our custom Excelerator™ Handcycle can be built to your specifications plus you can order the popular mountain drive option which adds 7 extra low gears for climbing hills or the V crankset option with its wider cranks to allow more clearance for those who are tall or big. Currently either the stock or custom model is available at the same retail price but not for long! "

Weight Capacity: 350 lb. / approx. 159 kg