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Mobility Scooter Dismantle S11

A 4-wheel scooter with 3-wheel turning radius

Standard transaxle (not mini) and 70-amp controller

Only small scooter with rear true mono-shock suspension

300 lb weight capacity

Heaviest components are only 46 lb

Includes 22ah batteries

10" x 3" flat free/solid alloy wheels

Disassembles in seconds for easy hand-carry and storage

The S11 scooter is the only transportable scooter on the market with full suspension. The S11 has the stability of a four (4) wheel scooter with the turning radius of a three (3) wheeler, providing the customer greater maneuverability. It is the only small, disassembling scooter available with a mono-shock suspension and a standard size (not mini) transaxle. With a 300 lb load capacity and 4 wheels, the S11 can transport higher weight individuals with a stability not usually found in portable scooters. The folding mobility seat has deep cushions and armrests that flip up and/or can be adjusted laterally