Top End Terminator Titanium
Top End Terminator Titanium

Wheelchairs don't get much better than this. The Invacare® Top End® Terminator® Titanium Wheelchair offers the very latest in technology and comfort. This full frame rigid chair allows you to go farther, do more with less energy and who doesn't want that? The Invacare® Top End® Terminator® Titanium Wheelchair represents an evolution in wheelchairs. This customized, titanium, full frame rigid-frame wheelchair comes standard with high-performance wheels, adjustable centre of gravity, adjustable tension upholstery, adjustable camber system, 1" tubing and your choice of a tapered or V-front frame.

The Terminator® Titanium Wheelchair is a super-customized chair without all of the custom up-charges. For added comfort, this chair is available with a rear suspension option. There are very few nuts and bolts to loosen or go out of adjustment, which translates to optimum performance and less maintenance and repairs. The "just where you need" them adjustments are easy and fast.

An ergonomic seat option ensures correct posture, pressure distribution and propulsion. The rear suspension option is ideal for those who have back pain or leg spasms. Built to hold 250 lb., the chair also comes with an optional heavy duty option that can handle up to 400 lb.

And if it's style you’re looking for, the Terminator® Titanium Wheelchair comes in your choice of black or camouflage upholstery, a scratch-resistant bead blast frame finish or many beautiful frame colors.

Weight Capacity: 250 lb. / approx. 113 kg.