Mr Wheelchair 75mm Latex Foam Mattress Overlay

Mr Wheelchair 75mm Latex Foam Mattress Overlay

1. Single Bed Size: 92x188cm (36"x74").
2. Three Quarter Size: 107x188cm (42"x74").
3. Double Bed Size: 137x188cm (54"x74").
4. Queen Size: 152x188cm (60"x74").
5. King Size: 183x188cm (72"x74")

Mr Wheelchair 75mm Latex Foam Mattress Overlay

Lead Time approx. 1½ weeks

Virtually dust mite resistant and possess great antimicrobial properties and a great ventilation property,

Has the ability to conform to your body's curves, allowing the weight to be evenly distributed and thus, eliminating the existence of pressure points while you sleep soundly, This is a preferred mattress to the tube type and is used by our Director Mr Martin Visagie.

Has the capability to support any sleeping position, guarantying the owner a restful night sleep.

Free of odours and environmentally safe. These are also breathable, which prevents body heat and moisture from proving to be a discomfort, while sleeping

Naturally Hypoallergenic Properties, Organic/Sustainable Materials, "Climate Control" Latex "sleeps cooler" keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. While memory foam takes a while to return to its original shape, latex responds instantaneously when pressure is removed. This means you're constantly and fully supported the second you move. Latex almost pushes back against you, offering a soft and body-contouring sleep surface that supports without creating painful pressure points or letting you sink into your mattress.

Latex May Help With:

Lower Back Pain: Low back pain can be caused by a range of problems with bones, musculature, and nerves that run from the spine throughout the lower extremities. Latex can't fix these problems, but it can help your spine stay in proper alignment all night long, minimizing pain and giving sore muscles time to heal.

Spinal Injury: Spinal injuries can be life changing. In the early stages of recovery, you may be spending more time in bed. The resilient support and softness of latex can cradle your spine and the limbs you may not be able to feel. Such gentle support improves the chance of healing in the spine while encouraging circulation in the limbs, minimizing bedsores, and maximizing your comfort level

Degenerative Disc Disease: Degenerative disc disease, or the degeneration of the intervertebral discs in the spine, can leave once-active individuals in debilitating pain. Degeneration of the discs is generally caused by misalignment and the resulting pressure. This misplaced pressure can push on the discs, causing damage over time. A latex mattress can help align your spine as you sleep, minimizing your pain and giving your body a chance to heal.

Fibromyalgia: The chronic pain of fibromyalgia can move and spread in unexpected ways through the body, changing throughout the night. A latex mattress with a soft Talalay top and a firmer Dunlop core can help you get the support you need to align your body, along with cushiony softness that minimizes pain along the surface of your skin or in painful pressure points. Get the sleep that can be so elusive to FMS suffers, and have more energy to face each day.

Arthritis: The soreness and pain of arthritis is bone-deep, but the soft support of latex can help those sore joints relax at night. Latex cradles and aligns your spine, taking extra pressure off the joints and getting the quality sleep you need to keep your body at its best, night after night.

Mr Wheelchair 75mm Latex Foam Mattress Overlay