Jay 2 Gel Cushion
Jay 2 Gel Cushion

Skin protection and positioning for mild to moderate needs

The J 2 Gel cushion features pre-contoured foam in combination with a gel overlay and is ideal for the client at low to moderate risk of skin breakdown, who requires mild support.

Consists of 3 layers that provide a stable base of support for the pelvis.

Top layer is a gel laminate that provides flow and comfort to bony prominence.

First Layer: Soft, Mildly Contoured Foam Base: The J 2 Gel's soft foam base is mildly contoured to encourage proper positioning of the pelvis and thighs and increase sitting tolerance

Second Layer: Gel Overlay: The J 2 Gel features a cubed gel overlay designed to provide moderate skin protection. Small openings between each cube allow the gel to flow throughout and adjust to the client's sitting position.

Third Layer: Low-Shear Stretch Cover: The J 2 Gel's zippered, moisture-resistant cover utilizes two layers of material, which reduce friction and shear against the client. Its four-way stretch material reduces surface tension, reducing the risk of skin breakdown and allowing for optimal immersion.