Mr Wheelchair Delux Electric Patient Hoist
Mr Wheelchair Delux Electric Patient Hoist

Our Electric Patient Hoists have optimal use of the versatile functions of a standard hoist, such as lifting, transferring and moving of person’s. They can be taken up directly from the wheelchair to the bath, bed, and or toilet, ideal for small rooms, bathrooms and narrow doors.

Base on 4 wheels allows the hoist to be used in different rooms

Removable mast and boom

Base spreading adjustment handle spreads the base legs for maximum stability

Base spreading adjustment handle closes the base legs for moving the hoist

Effortless pump action to lift and release dial to lower

Can be used with a variety of different slings

Supplied with a comfortable, strong transfer sling


Spreader Bar Maximum Height 175cm

Spreader Barminimum Height 52cm

Typical Max Height Under Sling 138cm