Mr Wheelchair Multi Patient Hoist
Mr Wheelchair Multi Patient Hoist

Multi Patient Hoist helps people with disabilities in and out of their car, in and out the bath, in and out of bed onto your wheelchair and on and of the toilet in an easy manner.

The lift is operated from a small control box and this can be done by the user or a helper. The lift can be mounted in either side of cars with two or four doors and the lift arm is adjustable so the lift fits several different cars, bathrooms and beds.

The Multi Patient Hoist is delivered with a sling seat, which has three mounting points to ensure a safe lift. The sling seat is made from nylon netting and is available in two sizes.

During driving Multi Patient Hoist can be easily taken off and put in the trunk or stay on the lift console.

A bracket is available to mount on the a wall of a bedroom or bathroom

This Multi-Function Unit will replace all of the following: The Patient Lift, Car Lift, Bath Lift and Bed Lift