Gequmzimba Nutraceutical ADD ADHD Formula
Gequmzimba Nutraceutical ADD ADHD Formula

Due to the phenomenal result this natural product has achieved in various training centers throughout South Africa, I feel it my responsibility to give you more information about it.

Too many children are put on scheduled medication to "calm" them down and make them not irritate the teacher. The problem with that is, this child is effectively being taken out of society and becomes a well behaved robot with no personality and no future.

The product I want to tell you about is called ADD ADHD FORMULA. It is a 100% natural food supplement and contains nothing that will depress the central nervous system. It promotes a healthy child with a positive outlook on life and he or she can concentrate on the task at hand.

This product is handed in and accepted at the Medicine Control Council of South Africa. A copy of this is attached for your peace of mind.

Overall Height: 650-800mm

Overall Width: 580mm

ADD ADHD FORMULA's main ingredient is DMAE and it has been reported to offer the following benefits:

Alleviates the behavioral problems and hyperactivity associated with Attention Deficit Disorder (increases attention span, decreases aggression, improves learning ability and sometimes increases intelligence in 70% of ADD patients).

Inhibits and reverses the cross-linking of proteins and facilitates the removal of lipofuscin from neurons.

Increases the body's production of energy

People who use ADD ADHD FORMULA report that after 3-4 weeks of ADD ADHD FORMULA use, they notice a continual mild stimulation of their central nervous system without side effects and a possible boost in energy.

Alleviates anxiety (subjects administered the recommended dosage of ADD ADHD FORMULA per day for 5 days exhibited better control of anxious reactivity)

Increases assertiveness (subjects reported having a more outspoken personality).

Reduces apathy and increases motivation in persons afflicted with depression.

Improves creativity and verbal thinking (fluency).

Improves the behavior and mental function of children afflicted with Down’s syndrome.

Exerts favorable effects on those chronic dyskinesias (including tardive dyskinesia) that occur as a result of long periods of major tranquilizers use.

Increases intelligence, improves learning and memory. (Especially in children).

Elevates mood.

Reduces the amount of sleep required by about 1 hour per night, causes dreams to become more lucid (vivid), and users experience sounder sleep.

Increases daytime motivation and physical energy in persons afflicted with insomnia.

Increases acetylcholine levels within the brain.

Choline bitartrate (one of the ingredients in ADD ADHD FORMULA) also helps your body produce amino acids. Amino acids are important because they help your body metabolize calories.

Choline is one of the important bases of the creation of certain neurotransmitters that have been found to boost memory, increase intelligence and elevate mood.

Grapefruit Seed Extract (another ingredient in ADD ADHD FORMULA) is associated with the following potential health benefits:

Powerful natural antiseptic.

Antiviral and anti-fungal agent.

Possible anti-cancer properties

Promotes the healing of wounds and scar tissue.

Effective preventative for Candida and other forms of yeast infection

Great general immune system booster

Inhibits the formation of harmful intestinal organisms, including Giardia, without reducing levels of healthy bowel flora.



L-tyrosine benefits include helping the brain to produce adequate amounts of the neurotransmitters L-dopa, dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine. All of these are necessary to regulate emotions.

If levels of these neurotransmitters are insufficient, feelings of sadness, anxiety, irritability and frustration can result. In addition, dopamine helps suppress appetite and reduce body fat, so people with insufficient levels of this neurotransmitter may find they are gaining weight or struggling to lose it.

Another way l-tyrosine benefits the body is by converting thyroid hormone to adrenaline during times of stress. Someone who is chronically stressed can have depleted levels of l-yrosine. I hope this document gave you some valuable information of what is available in the market to help our children.

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